Female Urologic Conditions


Incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine. This can occur for a variety of reasons and is the reason for over 1 million physician visits every year. Leakage may occur with coughing, laughing, lifting, or straining. It may also occur when the patient cannot make it to the bathroom in time. Some patients may experience leakage with all of the above and other patients are not sure what causes their leakage.  A thorough evaluation by a urologist is recommended in all cases.  Our physicians at Central Texas Urology may uncover an easily correctable cause for the leakage, or diagnose a more serious underlying illness. Above all, our goal is to improve your quality of life by all means available.

Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladder is a generic term that encompasses a wide range of bladder symptoms. The sudden need to urinate, voiding frequently throughout the day and getting up at night to urinate may all be symptoms of an overactive bladder. There are many treatment options available to help with both incontinence and overactive bladder, ranging from medical therapy to physical therapy to surgery. Make an appointment with a physician at Central Texas Urology to discuss your bladder problems today.

Interstitial Cystitis

Interstitial cystitis is an inflammatory condition of the bladder without a known cause, more common in females. Symptoms include painful urination, excessive urinary frequency, urgency and pain in the lower abdomen. There are numerous treatment modalities used in the treatment of IC, ranging from simple diet modification to medical therapy to surgical intervention. Only a urologist can diagnose and treat IC, so make an appointment today.


Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Pelvic Organ Prolapse is a generic term that refers to a loss of support in the female pelvis due to a weakening in the connective tissue and supporting muscles. This can be due to numerous factors, including childbirth, genetics, age and weight. Many women may feel a bulge in the vaginal area, which could be due to pressure from the nearby bladder, uterus, rectum or small bowel. Treatment options include both conservative and surgical therapies.

Recurrent Bladder Infections

Recurrent bladder infections are a common reason for an initial visit to the urologist office. This is defined as more than three urinary tract infections per year. In order to rule out a preventable cause for these bothersome infections, the urologist will often initiate a thorough workup which may involve laboratory tests, office cystoscopy and/or radiologic imaging. Treatment may involve behavioral modifications, antibiotic therapy or surgical intervention to correct identifiable causes.



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